Instant Order Placement and payments

Instantly check rates and check availability of delivery and place orders Instantly.


Invoices and statements can be viewed in our Inbox and payments can be done directly.

Secure Smart Payments

All payments are routed through secured encrypted payment system protecting your personal information, EFT - Credit card information.

Dispatch : All Pocono Zones, New Jersey ( Coming Soon )

PennyWise Fuel Trucks delivers entire Zones of Pocono region, 5 days a week and emergency deliveries based for emergency situation. Secure Smart Payments

PennyWise Tank Monitor

Budget and Automatic customers can view approximate tank level and delivery date.


Seasonal specials, promotions, special offers, and discounts are available.


Our service technicians are certified for Installations and service for all your heating equipment including oil and propane.


Please enable notification for getting notification on smartphones for Order Placement, Dispatch, Delivery, Payments and Trending promotionals seasonal specials.

Refer & Earn

Refer your Friends and Neighbors in your zones and earn our best seasonal discounts.

All other enquiries
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Call 570-629-0800.